BEK Communications Tech Scholarship

BEK Communications Cooperative is a private, non-profit cooperative established to provide rural communications services, enhance the rural lifestyle and encourage its members and customers to continue their education in technology. In keeping with the tradition and mission of the cooperative’s 60+ year history, they are pleased to offer the BEK Communications Technology Scholarship to VCSU students.

Supplemental Questions
  1. My parents are a BEK Cooperative member or BEK Fiber customer (I am a dependent student) or I am a BEK Cooperative member or BEK Fiber customer (I am an independent student)
  2. Submit BEK Communications Service Confirmation
  3. Were you the recipient of a BEK Communicaitons Cooperative Technology or any other scholarship during the previous academic year?
  4. If yes, identify the name of the scholarship
  5. List all college(s) and date(s) previously attended. Official transcript(s) must be on file in the Enrollment Services Office.
  6. List activities and leadership positions, academic or extracurricular honors or awards (high school, college, community service, volunteer) received.
  7. Explain why YOU should be considered for a scholarship
  8. Submit an essay describing "how technology has changed your life"
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